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These questions remain at the forefront of the gay men person’s or lesbian women mind because they are also involved in the girls dating world, and they may be quite controversial for discussion among bisexual scholars. The bottom line is that there are no definite rules or correct / incorrect answers to these questions; Our sexuality is our own responsibility and we have personal choices that how we decide to express ourselves to this part. But if you like the unique about those sexual relationships success may be condemned in relation to them. If your ultimate goal is to find your life partner, and this article will address some of those factors and those difficult decisions Offer proposals for navigating through taking processes.


To have sex or to have sex, this is the question. “When you are alone, it is definitely important to have a healthy sexuality, how do you talk about your sexual behavior as a gay person, If you are” lover hunting “definitely to help your cause or You will have an impact on the impression that you have ever gone out on the date that appears to actually go well. Then remain completely confused when the boys come Do not call once again while sleeping? You are in the midst of relationships, what role does sex play in your life? If you ask for the first time after the meeting, ask that hot person back to your place, what will happen? Is the night right?

Gay or Bisexual Development

As a result of being raised in a gay or lesbian society, as part of their development. most gay men dismissed their sexual feelings for embarrassment for other men or prevented the need for acceptance and protection. In the form of adolescence. Most gay men missed the development work of dating skills and missed their search for sexual intercourse.

By “exiting” yourself, sex takes on a great importance and emphasis. After filling many years of harassment and sexual feelings. It is normal for gay men of any age to experience “delayed adolescence” because they use other men on a casual basis. Who they are and homosexuals as a homosexual men define a new identity. These mobility can change, however, a more comfortable person becomes with their sexual identities and crystals more concrete meaning of themselves.

At this time for many men, sexual need becomes mixed with the desire of emotional intimacy. Something that can be achieved only in the context of a romantic relationship over time. And not through the instant skirmishes with that person From which was just meeting in the bar. Every scenario is purposeful and neither should justice be done in the form of better or worse. What is important is the identity of who you are, what you want. And aligning your behavior with that knowledge so that you coordinate between your values and your actions.

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Sex vs. love

What is all this boasting to boil sincerely what your priorities and ultimate goals are. Just said, what else is important for you in this particular period in your life, emotional involvement or sexual pleasure? Emotional involvement operates on the basis of the need for a shared group of intimacy and connection, potential commitment, values, interests, approaches and goals

The characteristic of the formation of an attachment where both men can be deprived of risk and their ” Real can show themselves. “Sexual gratification means sexual release, which lacks expectations for anything beyond any depth Area may enjoy no-strings. be honest! Your answer to that question will be your guide to the choices you make. Which will allow you to live with sexual integrity.

Keep things in mind

If you choose to have casual sex…

Sex change is everything: It is realized that once you have sex, mobility will never be with your lover. Intimacy can’t be carried out and made over time. Early sex can help in determining gender compatibility at some levels. But it can put cabos on intimacy because the relationship is linked to sex Has not happened. And there is no other foundation, do not confuse sex with love while some are standing one-night, which will lead to long-term relationships. Es they are usually in the minority.

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Practicing physical and emotional safe sex: To help protect against sexually transmitted diseases. Everyone knows the importance of condoms and other safe sex practices. But emotional integrity in safe sex and Honesty is also included. Both men should be on the same page, to avoid feelings, misunderstandings and disappointments in a sexual encounter.

Be ahead and honest with your needs and intentions and make sure that you both have the same expectations. Set clear boundaries and communicate these, even if it “kills the mood”. If it is purely sexual thing and you do not plan to keep in touch again. Humbly say so and do not exchange numbers if you.

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